Life’s Curveballs

I posted this picture and quote yesterday on social media for a very specific reason. Just because someone has a smile on their face doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling. This picture appears that I am driving somewhere or coming from somewhere. I appear happy. The fact of this picture is that I had just gone to the grocery store with $5.00 cash in my hand and a mask on my face (COVID Mandate of course), not because that is all I had to spend, but because my budget showed that is all I COULD spend. I bought a cantaloupe, 2 bananas, 2 jars of chicken baby food (for my cat), and strawberries. Sustainable food to mix with whatever I have at home. I am on a budget. Plain and simple. Do I like it? No., but it is where I am right now so I am dealing.

You see along with that, I have been struggling with various things, like we all do from time to time and sadly some more often than others. It is important to understand that it’s ok to not always be ok. So let’s talk about it. For this blog, these struggles I am calling curveballs.


Life throws curveballs….sometimes dozens all at once (job change/loss, moving, relationship issues, financial problems, personal health, pet health, family concerns, death… you name your curveball). I may appear to always have it together at least that is what my pictures will show, but I am human and I am not exempt from these waves of chaos and dozens of curveballs. I always try to maintain a smile on my face and a positive attitude because, well, that is just who I am. You see, the smile is real… its what is hiding behind it that may not always be. The smile remains, even when life knocks me down. Sure, I may cry and I may yell, but I always manage to pick myself back up (sometime with the help of heavy arms of friends and a therapist), but still I rise. Deep down I know….there will always be a brighter light shining at the end of the road, I just have to travel the bumpy and crooked path to get there. That my friends, is life.

This is just a gentle reminder that no matter how many times life knocks you down, keep getting up, keep going, and don’t forget to breathe. There is usually something wonderful waiting for you when you get to the end.

Published by kaksmhm

I am just a woman from WA state that loves nature and loves to talk about things people are struggling talking about. I am a Mental Health Counselor with various degrees and a lot of life experience. I want to help change the world one person at a time by reducing the stigma around mental health by talking about things that are uncomfortable to talk about as well as talk about things that a lot of people think about and wonder if anyone else does too. I am here to say "yes!" and am here to talk about those things:)

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