Keep your Opinions to Yourself

Well Well Well… Look at you. Over there with all your little opinions. Just can’t help but blurt them out can you? You in your amazing glass house, spouting out what you think everyone else should do while sitting on your bed of roses. Interesting. STOP!

This quote right here! It is always so interesting to me to hear people say, “If I were you….” or ….”I would never…..” or “I would just…. ” Would you? Have you? Are you that perfect? Ask yourself if the decisions you tell others to make were really that easy for you when you were faced with them in your own life. Try to put yourself in their shoes, not just tell them what you think they should do or how they should do it. You see… your heart isn’t involved in their struggle. They aren’t where you are. Sometimes we need to back up and allow the people we love to make decisions for themselves, regardless of how WE feel or what WE think they should do. It’s their story to write. They will figure it out one way or another, on their time. It is a good reminder for all of us that lessons are part of growing. If we don’t make mistakes, we don’t get lessons, and we fail to learn how to walk through the things that help us grow in life when other situations arise.

Opinions are a dime a dozen and usually not asked for. If someone asks you for your opinion, by all means voice them. Still try to be gentle, but go ahead spout your words of wisdom. Until then, just support them and love them and wish them well. Remember it is their journey, not yours.

Published by kaksmhm

I am just a woman from WA state that loves nature and loves to talk about things people are struggling talking about. I am a Mental Health Counselor with various degrees and a lot of life experience. I want to help change the world one person at a time by reducing the stigma around mental health by talking about things that are uncomfortable to talk about as well as talk about things that a lot of people think about and wonder if anyone else does too. I am here to say "yes!" and am here to talk about those things:)

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