It’s Your Journey…. not the critics.

How many of you have been in a similar situation. Let me explain. You want to lose weight, you want to quit smoking, you decide to stop drinking, you decided to change jobs, again or maybe you make yet another New Years Resolution. No matter what, you make a decision to to do something and you are so proud of that decision and then BAM! Someone comes along and completely destroys your excitement. You know the one, the critic, the dream stealer, or whatever you want to label them. They say things like, “oh, what fad diet are you going to try THIS time?” or “Didn’t you try to quit smoking like…um… 20 times now?” or “Maybe your New Years Resolution should just be not to have one”. Or this one is always nice, “Didn’t you learn your lesson the last time you tried this?”.

“The only impossible Journey is the one you never begin”.

Tony Robbins

Just because you have tried things and failed or maybe fallen off the wagon, perhaps you have failed every resolution you have made, or maybe you just didn’t follow through with things you mentioned in the past, this doesn’t give people the right to judge and comment on your choices. People should never give up on someone “trying” to better themselves or create a life they want to live. Who cares if they fail time and again. Sometimes it takes multiple times before you actually get it. We are hardest on ourselves without the negative critics beating us down too. We need people cheering us on and being there for us even if we falter. Rome wasn’t built in a day right? We are allowed to struggle, fail, fall, get back up, and try again. It is OUR journey.. nobody else’s. So….

Prove them wrong. Show yourself what you are made of. Fight the fight. Follow through and continue to work hard. Continue to better yourself and take it one day at a time. If you stumble … it’s ok… dust yourself off and start again. You don’t owe explanations or anything to anyone but you. What do you want? When do you want it? That is all that matters. You will get it…. one day it will click. When it does, pat yourself on the back as you walk by all those critics. Oh and don’t forget to snap some photo’s of their mouth dropping while you are at it. Cheers!!

Published by kaksmhm

I am just a woman from WA state that loves nature and loves to talk about things people are struggling talking about. I am a Mental Health Counselor with various degrees and a lot of life experience. I want to help change the world one person at a time by reducing the stigma around mental health by talking about things that are uncomfortable to talk about as well as talk about things that a lot of people think about and wonder if anyone else does too. I am here to say "yes!" and am here to talk about those things:)

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