My New Journey ~ To Love. Chapter 5: Chelsey ~ Seattle Bound

Finally, she is on her way to Seattle, Wa. This is where I have resided for the last 50 years, in the Pacific Northwest, about 40 minutes north of Seattle. I currently reside about 20 minutes East of Seattle. Chelsey is now on a plane on her way to visit me in my home state. I have been to Missouri twice now to see her and loved every minute of both visits with her. She has never been West of Missouri and in no time now she will be landing in Seattle to see my world with me. I am nervous and excited all at once. The reality is that if she loves it here, she will move here to be with me. Fingers crossed! So the story begins….

SeaTac Airport ~ The Arrival

I have now arrived at the airport and just in time. She has texted me that she is landing and I am in the parking garage parking my car then heading into baggage claim to meet her. Oh My Gosh! She is in Seattle!

I walk into the airport with my mask on and coffee tumbler in hand. I make my way across the airport baggage claim area and toward the escalators. There are several that come down to baggage claim and I am not sure which one she will be at. I am texting and calling her when all the sudden she says she is in baggage claim and the carousel she is near… Of course, the opposite side of where I am. We are talking and walking toward each other counting the carousels as we pass them, when all the sudden, there she is. I hang up and get to her with my arms wide open. I am with her… She is home.

We walk to the elevator to where my car is parked, but before we get in, we take a selfie and get in a nice kiss. Oh have I missed her!! To the car we arrive and she loads her luggage, hops in the passenger seat, we get in another good kiss and off we go! The conversation is perfect as usual and we talk about the plans we have tentatively made for the weekend. As we are driving, I am pointing out landmarks along the way. We take the exit and start heading east. We are heading for home first to unload things and then we are off to Trader Joes! She has never been to one, but loves their dried baby pineapple I bring her so that was a request before she got here. We will get to that soon, but first .. OUR home.

HOME (Our Nest)

WE chose this home together before we even met in person. I had been planning to move before we even starting talking. I wanted a new start. I was single and ready for change. I found a job that doubled my salary and decided I needed to move closer to it as I was not looking forward to any sort of commute, at least not long term. I found a few places but none that I really loved. When I started talking to Chelsey and we started to form a connection, I told her of my plans to take a new better paying job and that I wanted to move and start over. She would always ask about the places I was looking at. As the relationship grew stronger and we became a couple, we discussed that I would find a place that would eventually be OUR place. As I would find places that interested me, I would send links of the places to her and she would look and say yes or no. On the day that I originally saw the home that I am living in, I loved it. Just from the pictures alone, I loved what I saw. However, this home became a hesitation for me. I was hesitant for two reasons: 1). It was a lot more than I wanted to spend 2). It was an hour away from everyone I know and spend time with. Other than that, it was simply gorgeous from the pictures and we both said to look at it. I sent another place to her too that I was also looking at after this one on the same day, but when I walked into this place, I just knew. This was the one. This was the home I wanted to share with HER. It had EVERYTHING I wanted for us. 3 bedrooms (Master on the main floor) 2-1/2 baths, a fireplace, an attached garage, tall ceilings, lots of southern exposure windows, and THE MOST BREATHTAKING VIEW of trees and mountains exposing the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen. I was sold. I texted Chels and said, “We got it!” From that point on, this house has been referred to as OUR house even though she hasn’t moved in yet.

So here we are.. Home. Chels finally gets to walk through the house we picked out. She walked through the house and loved it as much as I do, especially the view! We have been talking about how much we will love sitting on the balcony with a drink in hand, watching the sunset each night we are together. We now get to have those days. We unloaded her things, spent a few minutes together and then off we went to Trader Joes. From there we came back home, unloaded all our groceries, snacked on some chips and dips, changed into our dinner and warmer clothes, and headed up north. We had an appointment at 3pm in Everett to get sugared, yep Brazilian sugaring together (Chels has never had it done) so we had to get going, then see a few sights, and dinner with my brother and his family at Scuttlebutt at 6p. Time to meet the fam.

The “Appointment”/Family Time

Sugaring went well, painful, but good. Add another memory/experience for the both of us. We love memories no matter how big or small. We then walked around the Marina and actually saw a SeaLion and lots of seagulls both of which Chels was in awe over. It’s amazing what you take for granted when you see them on the daily. Missouri doesn’t have these things, I had no idea. Wanting to have a drink before we settled into dinner with my family, we headed to Blue Water Vodka Distillery to have a gourmet drink (mine was good, hers was… interesting) and just sit and be with each other. It is so amazing how well we just fit. It is so easy and so loving. We are always touching each other with a hand on the leg, holding hands, or kissing. We love each other so much and ensure each other always knows. We just sat there and talked. It’s the little things. We finish our drink and head next door to the place we are having dinner, Scuttlebutt.

My brother made reservations and paid for our dinner. My brother and I aren’t as close as I would love us to be, but he is my baby brother and I love him no matter how much or little I get to see him. Chelsey got to meet my brother, sister-in-law, two nieces, my nephew and his girlfriend. After dinner my nephew invited us to his place for a drink before we headed home. I thought that would be a good opportunity to also take her by the Mukilteo beach as well, so off we went to the beach and to hang out with them for a while (they are both Chelsey’s age, lol). We had a great time and stayed for a bit and then decided it was time to head home and spend some “alone” time together. Finally, a chance to sleep in OUR bed and wake up together, in WA!

Seattle on Saturday

The weather was a perfect change this weekend she is here. It’s chilly and nearing Fall. A big change from the Hot and Humid Missouri that Chelsey is used to. She did not bring enough warm clothes, haha. Next time I guarantee she will as it will be October and much more chilly! As I knew it would be, last night was amazing! Our love is unlike anything either of us have ever experienced, which includes our sex life too. We are both so loving and caring and that carries into the bedroom as well. Never a lack of love and that love seeps into our morning wake up before we even crawl out of bed. I will let your mind wander with what all this means, enjoy! (BIG SMILE)

Saturday morning arrives and waking up to her is the most beautiful thing ever! SHE is the most beautiful thing ever. I love watching her sleep, kissing and running my fingers over her face, and telling her how much I love her. When you don’t get to do this day in and day out, you learn to really appreciate those little moments when you have them and I definitely do. We slowly wake and get rolling to start our day… But first coffee!! I make our Starbucks French Press and we stand in the kitchen drinking our coffee. We discuss our plans for the day like an old married couple and enjoy every minute of the planning process. We pack the backpack with snacks and water and get into the car to head out on our Seattle adventure. FIRST stop.. Starbucks drive through to enjoy on our drive. I order her and I a coffee (I am a coffee snob… duh Seattle) as well as a breakfast sandwich for her and a spinach feta wrap for me. I order an Americano for myself (I am simple and like it black) and her an Iced Caramel Macchiato which she loved and we are off to downtown Seattle. We head across the I-90 bridge and she is amazed at the water and the houses that overlook it. Seattle truly can be beautiful. Next stop, Pike Place Market!! We park in the parking garage and venture on foot to the market. I love that she kisses me all the time, in the elevator, off the elevator, wherever and whenever I want it. We walk through the market and watch the fish get thrown. We then head to the Gum Wall to take some pictures and videos together to capture more memories. We wait in a long line for mini donuts, the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for some chocolate, and then a souvenir shot glass for her collection. We passed this incredible sandwich and salad place across the street from the market and decided to stop in. They had the most amazing sandwiches and we chose one made of roast beef, provolone, and arugula to share before heading back to the car to our next adventure (by the way) the sandwich was so good and just enough to get us by until dinner.

It was now time to head down to the waterfront next to the Big Wheel to take a ride on “Wings over Washington”! Great experience to fly over all the iconic landmarks in WA (tulip festival, Husky Stadium, Snoqualmie Falls, waterfront, whales, mountains, and more). It was amazing! After our simulated flight, we pass the Crab Pot and vow to eat there on her next trip here. We want to get going to the Gay District which is called Capitol Hill here in Seattle. It is a long stretch of LGBTQ welcoming bars and such that you can visit when here. We drive around looking at things and decide to stop at a little Mexican Restaurant for a margarita and some food ~ We were so hungry and wanted the chance to just sit, eat, and talk. As we sat at dinner I couldn’t help but just look at her while she was surfing her phone for other things to do. Her hair falling all around her, I snapped a picture of her in her most beautiful soft self (that picture is displayed now on our fridge). I am always in awe of her. Her beauty and kindness surpasses anything that I have ever had in my life as a girlfriend. I am always so grateful and happy to have her as mine. We talk about next plans as it was getting later in the day. We chose to take a drive to Snoqualmie Falls so she could see the beauty of the waterfall, saving the Space Needle for the next visit here as well as the Crab Pot feast. So, off we go…

Snoqualmie Falls ~ The Waterfall

If you have never seen Snoqualmie Falls, you are missing out. It is so beautiful especially in the spring when it is really roaring from the snowmelt! We didn’t get to see that awe factor, but it is still a massive waterfall and worth catching a memory next to it. We parked and walked the bridge across the highway to the lookout point. We just stood there and kissed. We held each other and talked and looked at its glory. Snapped a few selfies with it in the background and decided it was time to head home. It was getting late and it was our last night together so we wanted to spend some time snuggled on the couch and just being together. We tried to watch a show but I am not one to just lay in a spot for too long. I get ridiculously restless. We decided it was time to go to bed, stretch out, and spend our last night together like we enjoy. It was beautiful just like our day. PERFECT!

Sunday ~ Our last day together in WA

Sundays are hard. Especially hard for me. I usually start the tears flowing on Saturday, which they fell as always, but Sunday is the hardest, it is “goodbye for now” day:( We spend the morning showering together (my favorite not hers) and getting packed to go. We load everything in the car and head out to meet my son and his dad at his work and then lunch in Federal Way with my birthdad and his wife. We head north to Bothell to where my son and his dad work together so I could introduce them to Chelsey. We visit for a while and then say our goodbyes and head south to Federal Way to Wally’s for lunch with the birth side of my family. We arrive and sit with my bio-dad Rick and his wife Leann and start in with intoductions and conversation of our adventures. We then order yummy seafood, Chelsey tried clam chowder for the first time as well as bites of my Dungeoness Crab Fettucini which she loved as well. Sidenote: Chelsey thinks good crab is Snow Crab! YUK! Not in the PNW, we call that Crab Bait! lol. She orders Coconut Prawns and we eat. After lunch she decides she wants Chocolate Pie and I grab a Coconut pie slice for the road. YUM!! Great food and company and just like that, Chelsey has met my most all of my family! We depart my Bio-Family and head for our next stops.

We decided earlier in the day that I would take her down to the water at Redondo Beach after lunch to be next to the water for a bit. It was beautiful and another opportunity to take more pictures together. We leave with some time to spare before she needs to be at the airport so we go to the Southcenter mall and visit Victoria’s secret to get matching boy short briefs (so lesbian of us) then head toward the airport. This is the Sucky Part…..Be prepared.

Chelsey’s Departure

We arrive at the airport and I am already in tears. Typical Sunday departure day. We sit in the car for a bit just hugging and kissing and crying. We talk about how much it sucks always saying goodbye. How we now go back to the grueling days of phone time. Talking, texting, FaceTiming and the waiting until the next time we are together. Starting the next calendar countdown until we are in each others arms again. The hard life of long distance relationships. We know it is temporary, but it doesn’t make it any easier when it isn’t near enough to touch. We are doing what is right. We are doing what we know is responsible financially and emotionally and so we wait. Planning monthly flights to keep us looking forward to the next time.

We exit the car and unload her bags. We grab each other’s hand and start the dreaded walk to the airport. We kiss every chance we can get until we get to the TSA Checkpoint. We stand there holding each other. Talking and her always reassuring me that it is “Temporary” for now. That she isn’t going anywhere. That she loves me. I am in tears. I hate saying goodbye. She kisses me once more and says she has to go. With tears in my eyes, I watch her walk away. One of us is always walking away at the airport, this time it is her. She now realizes how hard it is to be the one leaving on a plane. It sucks! I turn to walk toward the escalator and head down and back to my car, sobbing the entire time. I ask myself several times, “why am I doing this to myself?” “This is so hard and harder everytime, is it worth it?” The answers are: Because I love her, because she is the ONE. Every single time… the answer is YES. It is always YES. It is worth it. This is what love is … staying together no matter the challenges. We do this for us and we know it only makes us stronger for when we are finally living together.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in this series. My New Journey To Love. Chapter 6: Nashville, TN ~ Introductions …. I am heading to Nashville Tennessee to meet Chelsey’s Aunt (her mom’s sister) Remember, her mom is going to be the biggest challenge! So I am breaking the ice into her family. You gotta start small before you meet the WHOLE family for Thanksgiving! Check back for the update… thanks for reading and as always..

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