My New Journey: To Love. Chapter 7: Seattle ~Birthday Weekend!

Oct. 7, 2021 ~ My Birthday ~ Seahawks Game vs LA Rams

Awww, finally some pictures of US in my blog. This weekend was super special because I not only got to spend my birthday with my girlfriend, but we actually got 5 days together! It was the most memorable birthday I could imagine. Chelsey is back in Seattle to celebrate my birthday ~ She was more excited than I was I swear, which to me, is the sweetest thing ever.

Arrival to SeaTac

Chelsey is back! Ahhhh I love seeing her arrive in baggage claim at SeaTac airport in Seattle. It is like that first glance all over again. So excited to see each other and kiss each other again. This time we are in baggage claim awaiting her bag. It is more than a weekend trip so she needed to check a bag rather than just bring a carry on. This trip she arrives on Wednesday night and will be staying until Sunday!

We stand waiting for her bag to arrive and can’t keep our hands off of each other. We have a busy few days planned with my birthday being one of them! We grab her bag and head for the car. I can’t wait to kiss her… I mean really kiss her! We tried in the elevator, but it was too quick. Once we get to the car we are able to finally kiss! Yes! It’s a little chillier in Seattle this trip, but she came prepared for cooler weather this time. We decided to grab a bite to eat before going home. We looked up one place, got out of the car, walked around, but we couldn’t find it, went to another place and they were packed, so we headed to another place in Issaquah called Malarky’s Sports Grill to eat and get a drink. We both ordered a French Dip (remember in Nashville we both wanted one so bad and never had one?) well they had them here. Chels got a glass of wine and I got a cider. We sat and talked about the weekend and all the things we had planned. I find myself just staring at her. I could honestly just look at her for hours. Everytime I am with her I love her more than the time before. We sit across from each other just holding hands and talking and I can’t wait to get her to our home and spend some alone time together.

We eat our food and head out as we still need to go to Target to get her a pillow. Yes, a pillow. I have 6 pillows on my bed and she hates all of them. You see, she likes those cheap pillows from Walmart or Target that are $10 that are super stiff, while I like the goosedown pillows that are like sleeping on a cloud:) So, we stop to get her a pillow and grab a few other things for the weekend as well. We check out and head for home. We get home and unpack some things and decide to crawl into bed to get some alone time since it has been a bit since we have seen each other. Our chemistry is immeasurable. We love each other so much that we care about making each other happy sexually just as much as anything else. Needless to say this was no exception. We honestly have the most amazing sex life. Finally, someone that loves me as much as I love them and is all about making me feel good as much as I want to make her feel good. It is so refreshing!

The next morning I get to wake up to the love of my life on MY Birthday! She has been talking about my birthday now for a month. She is so excited to celebrate this day with me and to be honest I haven’t had a girlfriend in my life for a while now that has made my day feel very special so I too am very excited. She says she has a surprise for me and I can’t wait to see what it is. My 50th birthday was a lot of plans gone south with most all my friends bailing on me except honestly the ones I loved the most (Timm, Christian, Jen (from TX), my son and his girlfriend Paige). I mean I was up against COVID 2020 for that birthday, but still. So this year’s birthday was different, I was looking forward to spending THIS birthday with a girlfriend that cared… MY loving and thoughtful girlfriend. So excited, but first some alone time and intimacy with Chels.

My Birthday Wake Up

I awake to my girlfriend telling me “Good Morning Boo! Happy Birthday!!!” Nothing better than that. We lay in our bed for a little bit then decided to get up and pack our bags, shower, get ready and head out to get coffee before driving to downtown Seattle to check in at the Westin for the night. We hop into the shower (together) lol… Chels makes fun of the fact that I always want to shower with her:) Today, on my birthday, I get my wish. She gets out before me and I stay in a while longer just enjoying the HOT shower. I finally get out of the shower, dry off, and slip into my satin robe. Chels comes into the bathroom, kisses me, and then puts her hands over my eyes and says come with me. I walk with her out of the bathroom and down the hall. When we reach the kitchen she uncovers my eyes and there sitting on the counter is a bunch of birthday gifts displayed so cute for ME. The first thing I notice are the cowboys boots she bought me in Tennessee. (the story is in my previous blog). There was also the sweetest card, boot leather cleaner, some birthday marshmallows, a White Yeti hard seltzer can holder (that I showed her a while back and wanted), and these spiral notecards that she wrote on the front “”51″ reason that I love you”. Each note card had something she loved about me written on it…. she truly thinks of everything! I tried my boots on again and love them even more because she bought them for me. I kissed her with tears in my eyes and thanked her so much for making my birthday perfect! We drank our coffee and finished getting ready to head out for the rest of my birthday shenanigans.

Heading to Seattle

Space Needle, Westin, Seahawks Game, Capitol Hill

We packed the car with our bags and off we went. First stop, Starbucks (of course). I get my usual Americano and spinach feta wrap and order Chels an Iced Caramel Apple Machiatto and bacon egg sandwich for our drive to downtown. We decided since it was still so early that we would go do the Space Needle ride to the top first as Chels has never been up there and I haven’t been up there since they put in the see through floor. We parked by the Space Needle and walked to get our tickets. NOTE: While the view was beautiful and the see through floor was decent… I am not sure it was worth $70 for both of us to simply ride up there and walk around. I guess if you are in Seattle, do it once, but you will probably not need to do it again. We didn’t stay long up there as not much to do but take a couple pictures so we rode back down and walked around the grounds by the needle just taking everything in. There is a little place to walk inside and get food, go pee, and look around. We ended up stopping at Seattle Fudge to grab a few pieces to eat later. They do have really good fudge. If you haven’t tried it and like fudge here is the link. We get to the car and decide it is time to check into the hotel. We get to the Westin and valet park my car so they can bring our bags up to us. We check in (they upgraded our room to a higher floor because I am an owner as well as it was my birthday) and head up to our room (more about the room situation later). Our bags arrived shortly thereafter and we decided to head out to Bartell Drugs across the street so Chels could get chapstick (Burts Bees) as she couldn’t find hers. We also decided to grab some snacks while we were there too. I grabbed some cheese and salami and then we headed back to the room.

We had talked to Timm and Christian (Timm is my best “Gay Guy” friend and also my amazing hairstylist and Christian is his husband) they were staying at The Westin too, in fact right next door to us:). They were on their way to meet up with us for my birthday! Timm and Christian have season tickets for the Seattle Seahawks football games and gave us two of their seats for my birthday!!! I was so excited to take Chels to the game, if you haven’t been it is so loud and crazy and so much fun. Honestly, who better to go with? Chelsey, Timm, Christian, My BF Roni, her daughter, and also her gf Brandi. Timm and his husband are also in an age gap relationship with about 22 years between them as well! Christian and Chelsey ended up getting along really well..which we already knew they would. Timm and I spent most of our time shaking our heads at them, it was quite funny. No doubt we will be doing SO much together once Chels moves to WA we all get along so well.

So Chels and I decided to get into our Seahawks gear (we had matching #54 Bobby Wagner jerseys that I had bought us) we both had Seahawk beanies too, we looked ready for the game! (picture at the top of this blog). We needed to get ready quick, Timm and Christian were on their way. We had just gotten ready when we heard a knock at the door and there they were with a dozen football cupcakes in hand for my birthday ~ so thoughtful as always! We did introductions and then they went to get ready in their room while we finished in ours. A few minutes later we were ready and met them in their room for a couple drinks before catching the UBER to the pub by the stadium to pre-funk, eat, and drink some alcohol before walking to the Seahawks stadium. We get to Shawn O’Donnell’s and sit at a big table in the front with some other people also going to the game. We order drinks and food and sat around visiting for a while. The food was really good, link attached. A few minutes after we finished eating, Christian and Chelsey decided to leave to go find me a Vape (yes a horrible habit I picked up when I started seeing Chels) I like to vape when I drink, so off they went… Timm and I looked out the window and saw them getting on the Lime Scooters. Timm and I look at each other both shaking our heads… off they go… Good Lord! They ended up bailing those scooters later and taking an UBER back to us, but not before Chels crashed and burned, hurting her ankle trying to stop! Again, Good Lord those two! Off we go to walk to the game. Once inside we find our seats and take in the team running on the field and the 12th Fans going crazy! The rest of the game was awesome, even though we lost. We had such a good time with Timm and Christian and even Roni and Brandi bought 3 of Timm’s tickets and showed up at half-time due to a parking issue, but Chels got to meet them too (they are also an age gap couple ~ Roni has been my friend for 27 years and her girlfriend and her have 18 years between them). Coincidence with all these age gap relationships? Let’s blame Timm.. He was the first to start this! 🙂

After the game we went back to the hotel and sat in Timm’s room and drank a bit then decided to venture up to Capitol Hill to be amongst the “Gays” and hit a couple places we used to frequent. We grabbed another UBER and ventured up there. It was a major FAIL. None of the clubs were open and if they were we either couldn’t get in because of Chelsey’s vaccination card or the clubs were dead. We ended up at Christian’s favorite pizza place up there eating pizza and putting down another drink. It was just nice to be amongst friends and mostly be with my girlfriend! We left the pizza place and headed back to the hotel and settled in for the night. It was so nice being alone with my girlfriend and having the intimacy that we both love so much, an especially happy ending to my birthday. Birthday SUCCESS! It was beyond amazing and the best birthday I have had in a long time. Thanks friends and girlfriend for an incredible day/night.

Hotel (BUST)

Let me start by saying this….. The Westin USED to be my favorite place to stay in Seattle. For one I am an owner of a condo (Westin) in Maui so I like to put my money back into this. However, the Westin in Seattle has gone completely downhill. I don’t know if it because they merged with Marriott or what but it was a horrible night stay. They used to have what was called the “Heavenly” collection where their beds were AMAZING and so fluffy and comfortable, with big thick robes in the bathroom, luxurious bath towels, and the most amazing line of soaps/shampoos called White Tea Collection. Now the beds are so uncomfortable and not fluffy at all, no robes, no good soaps/shampoos, just baseline hotel with a view of Seattle (obstructed). We slept horrible! There was a humming noise that both of us heard all night, enough to keep waking us up to the point I finally called Maintenance at 4am! They came back at 7am and said it had something to do with the power line they are in the process of upgrading that was running through our headboard wall. The bed was awful and bottom line it was enough for me to bitch about at checkout. I mean for over $300 a night including parking… I expect more than that! Upon checkout they were so gracious (sarcasm) to offer me 10,000 Marriott points as an apology. Not good enough for me, I share the Marriott card with my brother so that is not a win, but I was not going to argue further. We had finished packing up our things and headed for the car to go to Pike Place Market (Chelsey’s favorite place to go) to walk around and buy some things for her parents and then go eat at the Crab Pot.

Pike Place Market/Crab Pot

We end up parking down by the aquarium and walking up to the Market. Once there we walk around looking at what all the vendors were selling. I didn’t realize Chels was feeling a little “under the weather” from drinking the night prior so she was getting hangry and wanting something little to eat to feel better. We stopped at a place inside the Market called the Sound View Cafe It has a view of the water and what is said to have the best clam chowder bowls ever. We ended up sharing a breakfast sandwich while we chatted about the rest of our plans for the weekend. I let her eat most of the sandwich, she was feeling way worse than me, I actually felt pretty good. After we finished eating we left there to walk around. I really wanted a good coffee ~ I knew just the place to go. One of my favorite spots down there is… Botegga Italiana they have Illy Coffee – YUM! I am a Starbucks snob, but a close second for me is Illy coffee. This place is so cute. It is a tiny little place just down from the market. They also serve Gelato ice cream (Chelsey’s eyes about popped out of her head, she has never tried Gelato) since she has never had gelato she got a small scoop of the espresso flavor while I got my short Americano and a can of whole beans for our espresso machine at home. If you haven’t tried Illy coffee… you should. Here is the link to this place, it is so good. Try it if you are in Seattle or order some beans.

We walked back up toward the market with her gelato and my coffee in hand. We decided to get a couple things for her to take back to her parents. We picked up some beef jerky for her dad and some chocolate pasta for her mom. Chels also got a teeshirt for herself at one of the vendor booths. It was getting later and I thought we should probably head down toward the waterfront to go put our name in at the Crab Pot as there would probably be a wait. Chels also had to go to the bathroom because the bathroom at the Market she went into had shit all over the seat and toilet itself so she refused to squat and go… YUK! We walked back to the car and unloaded our things then headed to the Crab Pot. We put our name on the list, went to the CLEAN bathroom, and waited for our name to be called. Chelsey has never eaten at the Crab Pot and has been envious when Roni and I go eat there. She loves Crab like I do but they don’t have GOOD FRESH crab in Missouri like they do here in the PNW so I promised when she came for my birthday that we would go there.

Our name was called and we got seated inside and handed our bibs and hand wipes when we ordered our King Crab Legs (we both ordered the same thing). We put on our bibs, took a selfie together, and snacked on bread and butter before they came and dumped our mounds of King Crab legs in front of us. It comes with a wood board, mallet, and the plier type nutcracker along with little potatoes, short corn on the cob, and tons of melted butter! We ate like barbarians. Cracking the crab and soaking it in melted butter. There is a lot of hype about the Crab Pot restaurants both good and bad. My opinion is that it is definitely expensive at $65 per meal but definitely worth it. It is amazing and you don’t leave there hungry. If you get the chance to go there, do it. The experience itself is worth the visit. Link attached as well.

Bowling Date

We headed back to Issaquah after the Crab Pot to chill for a bit at the condo. We had made last minute plans to head up to Lynnwood to go bowling with our buds, Timm and Christian and other family members of theirs later that night. We get back to the Condo and I decide to take a shower and get cleaned up (I felt like I bathed in crab and butter) while Chels was eager to lay on the couch and watch some TV. I jump in the shower and when I get out and walk into the living room the tv was off and Chels was sound asleep on the couch! She looked adorable. So peaceful and it was actually so nice to see her so comfortable in what will someday our place together. I covered her up and gave her an actual pillow to get more cozy. While she slept I cleaned and then laid on the other couch for a bit and talked to a friend of mine on the phone that lives in Fort Worth, TX. When Chels woke up we talked for a little bit and then got up and got ready to go up to Lynnwood to bowl with our friends. We got to the Bowling Alley called Bowlero around 8pm and let me first tell you that the last time I went bowling has got to be at least 10 years ago! WOW have bowling alley’s changed since then. This place was amazing! We drank, ate, and bowled two games. We had so much fun hanging out with our friends and taking pictures to remember our adventure. We headed home after and crawled into bed. Another successful and adventurous day!

Fall Flannels and the Pumpkin Patch

Saturday morning rolls around and we have already got the day planned. It is fall here in Washington and everything is so beautiful with the fall colors and pumpkins galore, or so we thought. First, before I go into this we have wanted to try this new cafe we haven’t been to and that I was told to try for breakfast. So we head to the Issaquah Cafe for their renowned Almond and Cornflake Crusted French Toast (I can’t have it because of the nuts, but Chels was excited to try it). We arrive at the Cafe and there is a 45 minute wait so we went over to MudBay Pet Store to walk around since she had never been into one prior either and we picked out treats for Tuni and Kitty and left. We then see this donut place called Legendary Donuts (as previously mentioned in another blog, we LOVE new donut places!) Check this place out, link attached, it was unreal!! The donuts they had in this place.. wow. Chels got a Chocolate Peanut Butter donut and a filled donut ball. I got the French Toast Donut and a lemon filled donut ball. Even the donut box has a “Sniff Hole” in the side, yes it says “Sniff Hole”! So funny. We grab the donuts and put them in the car for later. We go back into the Cafe and wait for our table and start to peruse the menu so we know what we are going to order when our table is ready. She decides on the famous french toast and I decide on my dad’s favorite, Chicken Fried Steak. We get our table and sit down holding hands and talking while sipping our cafe coffee. Chels was a little hangry and teary eyed at breakfast so we talked it through like we always do and then enjoyed our breakfast. It was really good and we left there full and content. Back to the condo we go to get ready for our next adventure.

We map out the patch we are going to go to which was an absolute bust so we head to another one… bust again. What the heck where are all the pumpkins? Not a complete waste of the drive though, we listened to Chris Stapleton (whom I love) and some 80’s and 90’s R&B music while we drove through the scenic drive. We decide to head back by where we live and go to another patch and wallah! A cute pumpkin patch with tons of hay, pumpkins, tractors, old trucks, and activities. Our main goal… of course.. Photo opportunity! Some go to get pumpkins, we go to get photos of us in our flannels and with pumpkins. She is in a tan and blue flannel and me in a red and black flannel both of us in Carhartt beanies (hers brown and mine black). We get out and walk toward the field to get photos and they all turned out so good! We finished walking around and then headed back to the car to head home. This was our last day together and we wanted to spend it at the condo alone and in our cozies. We get back to the condo, change and get cozy. Ahhh home at last.

Condo Time/Dinner

After we get cozy we decide to watch a movie and order in dinner. We pick a movie to watch which was…. interesting? It is called Karen and it turned out to be nothing we thought it would be. It ended up being a black lives matter movie and threw us for a complete loop! It was good though, just different than we expected. Here is the link if you care to check it out… We then ordered dinner from this place we wanted to try up here in the Highlands. WOW it did not disappoint. Chels loves sushi.. I don’t. I love Vietnamese food and this place had both. It is called Chinoise and it was fantastic! I got the Lemongrass Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad Bowl with Beef and Chels got the Volcano Roll and Chicken Gyoza. We loved it! Their menu is amazing. We ate and discussed buying a dining room table together when she moves in as this eating at the ottoman was not conducive to us enjoying our meals together. It was small and sucked. We finished eating and continued watching tv, while cuddling on the couch.

Here is the thing about being on any couch with Chels. This is where it gets a little “R” rated. Chels is always behind me. I am either laying between her legs or sitting up against her legs. She is usually rubbing my back or arms, she is so touchy and I love it. This is also where she always makes the move to get closer. This particular night she had taken off her clothes and was sitting naked under a blanket. Yah, we are at that point now. She starts kissing me and low and behold one thing leads to another and we are now having sex. It just happens like that. Usually, I will initiate us getting up and heading to the bedroom, but this time it just happened so fast. That is just another thing I love about her and I. We can be so spontaneous and it is always ok with both of us. Our love is so strong that anything goes and it indeed has deepened our love for each other. After we laid cuddling for a bit longer, we shut of the TV and decided to head to bed to just be close for our last night together. Her flight leaves tomorrow and we were already feeling sad about our goodbye. So off we went.

Sunday/Airport Departure

Sunday has come and it is of course sad! Our time together goes so fast but this trip gave us more time together to see just how well we can survive in the day in and day out. We, as we expected, loved it. Our lives together fit perfectly. We just get each other and have so much fun together every single time. This was by far the best weekend. We packed so much in and made some more great memories. She got to meet my friends, which will always be OUR friends and our love just grows more and more everytime. This goodbye would be sad as it always is, but we are excited in knowing that we only have to go two weeks this time before she will be back to attend my cousin’s wedding with me in Bellingham. Another new city up north close to the Canadian border for her to enjoy seeing.

We spend a little more time in bed just talking, cuddling, and of course a last dose of intimacy before we get up and start getting ready to load the car and head to the airport. I start getting ready while she is packing her things. Once we are all ready we load the car and head out. Off to the airport we go. Our plans to get wedding attire this trip proved unsuccessful. We just didn’t want to spend time in the mall this trip, we wanted time together and doing things that create memories, which is exactly what we did. We talk the whole drive and arrive at the airport. I always get out and walk in with her. We got her bag tag at the Kiosk, stood in line to drop her bags, walked together to her point of entrance at TSA screening, kissed and hugged then said our goodbye before I walked away, once again with tears in my eyes. Another great trip together in the books.

Next trip is in two weeks where Chelsey will be back to attend my cousins wedding with me. Stay tuned for the next chapter in: My New Journey: To Love. Chapter 8: Seattle/Bellingham Wedding Date. What shall we wear? We don’t even know! Check back soon for the update…. Thank you for reading and as always…

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