Simply ME

“A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity”.


My name is Christine Kakalecik

aka “Kak”

I am just a woman from Washington State, born and raised, that loves to get out in nature and lives a pretty full life of service. Helping others is something I was born to do and where I find my greatest strength, but being outdoors is where I find my zen, I LOVE TREES! I am a mental health counselor by day, which is extremely rewarding, but not the highlight of my life. Like I said before, you will truly find me in my element when I am hiking, walking, rowing, kayaking, rafting, snowshoeing, snow hiking, playing softball, tennis, dancing, or any other outdoor activity. I also love working out and pushing my body to its limit. I love my Cat and spending time with my friends. I love to bake, but I don’t eat my baked goods (not because they aren’t amazing, but because I am pretty cautious of what I put in my body ~ remember good mental health comes from nutrition, too), so I give them all away for others to enjoy (firefighters LOVE them). I guess I just like to share what I have with others.

Through all life’s adventures, indoors and out, I run across random things that I often wonder what other’s would do or say if in the same situation and asking, “Have others ever been in this situation? What did or would they do?” This blog encompasses all those thoughts. Some are heart-wrenching and some are funny. Honestly it just depends on what comes to mind that day. The one common denominator is they all affect our mental health in one way or another. I am trying to help improve everyone’s mental health so.. Be prepared.. This blog is much like me and my life… Crazy and a little odd at times, funny, quirky, solemn, rude, blunt, cute (lol), and sarcastic, but overall it is informative and fun. I hope something I say makes you smile or gives you that “Ah-ha” moment. From me to you….. Enjoy! And…..

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