My New Journey: To Love. Chapter 6: Nashville, TN~ Introductions.

A new location this time around instead of the usual Missouri. This time we meet at the Tennessee airport ~ this trip will be to meet her mom’s sister, Aunt Mendy and to see a new part of the US. As usual I can’t wait to get off the plane and see my girlfriend! LongContinue reading “My New Journey: To Love. Chapter 6: Nashville, TN~ Introductions.”

Closing old chapters ~ Opening new ones

Why do we go back to what continues to hurt us? How do we close that chapter and look forward to new ones? I thought this was an important topic to bring to my blog/podcast’s attention because not only have I fallen victim to this, but I am seeing so many of my friends goingContinue reading “Closing old chapters ~ Opening new ones”

Single Life ~ Enjoy it!

Who would have thought ME of all people would be blogging about “Single Life?” I say this because I am always the girl in a relationship. Actually, let me clarify, I am always the girl in a Long Term Relationship. This however changed over the last 2 years with two relationships (or lack thereof) withContinue reading “Single Life ~ Enjoy it!”

“No Thank You Bite”…Nope, I don’t like it.

When we were little our parents used to get us to try foods and eat our meals by telling us to take a “no thank you bite”. This was often a difficult thing to do because the reality of that food in front of us probably looked or smelled awful, hence why we weren’t eatingContinue reading ““No Thank You Bite”…Nope, I don’t like it.”