My New Journey ~ To Love. Chapter 1: The Beginning

It is so refreshing to write a blog/podcast that is uplifting and happy. Not that the others aren’t important and necessary, it is just nice to write something that makes my heart race.

The Beginning

HER: Beautiful inside and out. A breath of fresh air. Smart and sexy all in one. Kind, generous, fun, loving, caring, passionate, sensual, funny, sweet, giving, sexual, and adores me completely without reservation.

April 2021: It is crazy how FaceBook can be a life changing moment in your life. I am not talking about the social media concept of posting a story to your page or a funny meme. I am not talking about the FaceBook dating app (yes there actually is one). I am talking about that crazy little thing that pops up that says “People you may know”. They are sometimes people you truly know and other times, as with the case I am going to discuss, they are people that are friends with other people you are friends with that aren’t really your friends but rather followers or people you follow that may simply just be “Gay” like you. Whew… That was a lot to get out. Bottom line.. You aren’t really friends with them but they are consider “Friends” because your mutually agreed to be friends. Well… In April, this chick”Chelsey” (yes that is her real name) popped up on my “People you may know” showing we had multiple friends in common. I didn’t know her, nor the friends we have in common, but I am not going to lie… She was HOT AF. So, I was like, “why not?” and I hit “Add Friend” thinking just maybe he would add me. Well, a few minutes later… she accepted my friend request. Yes! So as the case is with most friend requests, one of a few things can happen.

1). They start scoping out your page, “liking or loving” everything you post to get your attention in hopes that you will strike up a conversation on the page or through messenger.

2). They immediately send you a private message saying “Hey” or “Hi” in hopes that you engage. OR.. In my case… 3 ->

3). They wait for you to like something on their page a couple times and then message you and say “HI!!!!” (The exclamation marks give it more enthusiasm I guess) well.. it worked for me so I guess it was worth the extra ones.

So, Chelsey decides to say “HI” and I say “HI:)” (with the smiley face next to it) this was my enthusiasm or interest back. lol. She then says, “How are you this evening?” to which I respond “Good. Super sore from softball yesterday, but otherwise good! How are you?” (perhaps a little sympathy plea who knows my motive at that point). We then start talking about softball and that she is more of a basketball player which prompted me to ask if she was tall? (Aren’t all basketball players tall? Maybe not, but it was my way to see how tall she was because I love tall girls! :)) Sure enough she is 5’9″ ~ YES!!!! Plus 1 in Chelsey’s favor. So we keep chatting about what she does in MO and what I do in WA. What we love and what we do for work. She is in Social Work and I am in Mental Health… Score another 1 for Chelsey (she lives a life of service) good heart! We then talk about jobs in WA for social workers and she says she would love to visit… (Another point given for that!!) then animals which we both have one (her a dog, me a cat) and that was the end of the conversation for the evening. Well, that was a fun get to know you back and forth, but I have had those before and they die off for whatever reason on either end. So… how surprised was I when the next morning at 8am I get another message from her asking if I have Snapchat? I respond yes and give her my snapchat name so she can add me. Our Snapchatting continues for days and I finally ask when her birthday is: Her response.. so vague.. she tells me and leaves off the year! WTH? Then she asks mine so I purposely leave off the year of mine too. Then I come back and say… Um.. Year please? and she sends it. I about fell over! Let’s just say there are a few years between us.. like a lot of few years.. 22 to be exact. Then she asks for the year I was born and I said it doesn’t matter. She said “um, I told you mine!” and I said, “If I tell you you may not talk to me again”. She said, that is not true, tell me.

and then we exchange phone numbers so we can text. The texting and Snapchat continues everyday as well as Facebook posts and other communication which goes on for a couple weeks….. UNTIL… She says she wants to FaceTime me! I was so nervous. Not because I look different than in pictures, just nervous to hear her voice and see her face talking to me!!! (I found out later she was nervous to hear my voice too!)

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I am just a woman from WA state that loves nature and loves to talk about things people are struggling talking about. I am a Mental Health Counselor with various degrees and a lot of life experience. I want to help change the world one person at a time by reducing the stigma around mental health by talking about things that are uncomfortable to talk about as well as talk about things that a lot of people think about and wonder if anyone else does too. I am here to say "yes!" and am here to talk about those things:)

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