My New Journey ~ To Love. Chapter 4: Cape Girardeau, Missouri (I’m Back)

I always tell her…. She fells like “Home”.

The day is here… I am heading back to Missouri to be with Chelsey. This time when she picks me up from the airport we will be heading about an hour plus south of St. Louis to Cape Girardeau, MO where she went to Southeast Missouri State University and now lives. I am so excited to be in her space, with her (and her pug, Petunia) for the whole weekend. Here we go.

July 22, 2021 ~ Travel Day

Back to SeaTac Airport I go to catch my flight to St. Louis, MO. This time my friend Roni is taking me (I love my friends and my talk time on the way to the airport). You see Roni and I have been friends for about 27 years.. We have been through some shit! Good and Bad. She is the one that is constant, no matter what. We are the ones that people warn you about… our shenanigans and humor isn’t always well received by others (as if we care) and we are usually the life of the get togethers. So, she picks me up and we head out doing our usual chit-chat as we drive. Also the sudden, Chels texts me at 4:19pm, “Boo, you ok”? I was in the car with Roni, and I tell her I am going to freak her out.. So I call, on speaker phone, she answers, Hello…. I say, “Hi babe, um, you are not going to like this, but my flight has been cancelled and now I can’t fly out until tomorrow”. She says, Stop! and I start laughing. (I don’t want to freak her out too bad..) She said, “you said you would text me”. I said, I am on the way babe, I was going to text when I got to the gate. Then we just talked while I was en-route. I kept her on speaker and we talked with Roni too (we don’t need to get into what that talk was about… not in this podcast/blog, but as I mentioned before, nothing good ever comes out of our mouths typically) haha. It is inappropriate! With Roni, everything gets inappropriate! lol. So I get to the airport and had to take 3 damn trains to get to the gate. One would think I was flying to Bejing or somewhere exotic… Nope, Missouri! It is is always something with SeaTac.

I finally get to the gate and I am waiting to board. The whole time talking to or texting Chels. We are so excited to be together again. It is all we have talked about since the last time I left. THIS time, we are not nervous, just excited to be together and do fun things! I will say this last week has been the hardest on us. We can’t pin point if it was the anticipation and dragging of the week, the excitement, or what, but emotions were running high as was irritability. As always we manage to pick each other up when the other needs extra love or care. We made it through again, and in 3-1/2 hours we will back in each others arms again.

The flight is great. Nobody in the seat next to me and I actually slept a little which was great since my flight doesn’t get in until midnight. Chels was supposed to go home and nap before coming to get me since it is going to be so late AND she has to work the next morning but she didn’t. She is going to be TIRED.

I texted most the flight, except for when I slept, and I did blog a little as well. The flight went pretty quick. Then Chels texts me and says she is at the airport:) Now I am really excited. I can’t wait to see her! I can’t wait to kiss her and just be next to her again! Just then the pilot came on and said we would be landing. I told Chels I would text her as soon as we touch down and then would call when I got off the plane. I am officially off the flight, I have texted her and she is circling and has now stopped so I can come get in when I get outside. I am heading toward baggage claim and out the doors (yep still hot as hell!!) to get to her. I am on the phone with her while she directs me to where she is …. I see her!! I throw my bag in the back and one in front with me and get in! HI BABE!!

The Drive To Cape with HER

Oh my gosh! Her hand on my leg. Why is it the simplest things that make me love her so much. I love when she has her hand on my leg when we are driving anywhere. She is always touching me! Always. No matter where we are; in the restaurant (we sit next to each other not across), in the car, on the couch, in bed, at the bar, when we are walking, or even just standing ~ She always has a hand on me or and arm around me. I guess we are lucky that way, our love language is Physical Touch and we make sure each of us gets plenty of it. I especially love it when we are laying in bed or on the couch watching a show… she is always lightly rubbing my arm or back, I also do the same to her. It’s one of the things we both love. Anyway, we are driving the long drive to Cape and it is late! She has her hand on my leg or in my hand the whole drive:) We talked and listened to music and just .. well, we were just together! I also don’t think State Troopers work the highways in MO at night!! I had to tell Chels to slow down a few times, HOLY CRAP! Let’s just say we got home in record time. Once we got in the door we were able to kiss and hug! Finally! Then she surprises me with this fucking adorable framed picture of us that is clear and says POV (Ariana Grande song we love) and the date we met April 23, 2021! She is so thoughtful….Finally someone else that thinks outside the box and buys little gifts that mean so much, other than me! Ahhh! I love it! I kiss her and tell her thank you and that I love it! Then she and I take my bags into the bedroom. I unzip the suitcase and start pulling out all the things I got her in Maui. Two new pairs of board shorts (Ripcurl and Quicksilver), a new shirt to match, and a new snap back hat from Ripcurl. Then I got her a sunset colored, vacuum sealed, water bottle from Starbucks in Maui that is supposed to keep her water cold even in the dead ass heat of MO. She loved it all! Oh and all the treats I got her from Trader Joes. She put it all away and ….

Once again, not sure how or when we got into bed again, just know that we didn’t go right to sleep and while it was great to be close and intimate as always, it wasn’t as fun as usual, we were really tired and I was worried about Chelsey not getting enough sleep and having to get up for work in the morning, as was she, so rather than force it…we died out and tried to sleep, plus I was incredibly restless… Not the best nights sleep, nor the night we had hoped for and talked about, but there are still 2 nights to go! It will get better, don’t worry…. So… Moving on.

The Next Morning ~ Happy 3mo Anniversary!

I hear her alarm go off and barely remember her getting out of bed. I had taken my medication about 3 hours earlier so I was still sleepy. I do remember her coming in and kissing me goodbye then I heard the door to her apartment shut. I fell back asleep. I woke up again about an hour and a half later to her dog crying at the gate, lol. She gates off her room with a baby gate at night and then lets Petunia in after she wakes up herself. So, I did the same. I got up and opened the gate and it was like letting the little piggies out of their pen! Mass chaos, bucking bronco, little pug! I couldn’t catch her! So I got back into bed until she settled then was able to cattle capture her and get her up on the bed with me, haha. She finally settle enough up by my head for me to get a selfie of us to send to Chels. I also text, “Happy 3mo Anniversary” as today is 3 months since our first exchange of words.

The little things

Everything feels like home with her. Everything. There is no awkwardness. There is no worry. It is so natural and easy, like we have known each other forever. I love that feeling AND that it is mutual. We talk about everything and we feel exactly the same. I miss her! She is at work and I am still in bed. I decide to get up and at least get some coffee! I walk out to the kitchen and next to the Keurig Coffee Maker there is a note with a Starbucks K-cup that read: “Good Morning Boo! with a heart next to it. I love you so much! Here’s your coffee I laid out for you. There’s more in the cabinet! Petunia should be fine (Don’t let her trick you into feeding her!) She’s already bed! I’ll see you when I am off work! Love, Hellstar!” (ok, let me explain Hellstar real quick) haha. If you haven’t seen the movie on NetFlix called “The Wrong Missy” ~ Watch it! It is so funny! In one of the scenes the chick is in the bathtub and she comes up from under the water and has rose petals over her eyelids and her long hair draped over her upper lip like it’s a mustache and she says, “I am HELLSTAAARRRRR” in this creepy voice. It is so funny. So one day a few weeks ago, Chels was being cranky all week and then on the phone and I said, “Oh, ok Hellstar!” and we laughed and it stuck! So now when she is cranky, she is Hellstar.

I make my cup of coffee and tuck my note away with my picture in the other room. I sit on the couch with a delicious cookie she bought and drink my coffee and watch tv on the couch. I decide to light her candles and curl up like she does (gotta catch a feel for what her world is like:)) and of course still it feels like home. The day is spent with her dog and just relaxing (which I rarely get the chance to do) while I text back and forth with Chels while she is at work. At about 1pm she sends a text that she is coming home… Oh how I love the way that sounds!

She is HOME

She walks in the front door and I am laying on the couch with her dog, candles going, and just so happy to see her face. She walks in and sets her things down and walks into the kitchen. She then comes over to me and kisses me! OMGosh… She is so FREAKING CUTE in her Scrubs! Ughhhh! I love her! She says she is going to go change and get in her “Cozies” (this is what we call our lounger clothes) and so she does. She comes out and lays with me on the couch for a bit and we talk about what time we are going to get ready to go to dinner and out with her friends. We are going to this place in Cape called Minglewood Brewery for dinner and drinks then to the Gay Bar called Independence Place to meet up with Sarah and another girl named Jamie. Laying on the couch doesn’t seem to work out to well for us. I mean, she even made it VERY clear on the phone from work that we were NOT having sex until tonight. Well, that went out the window after about 3 stops with me saying, “You said….” Well, once we starting kissing, it is game on! EVERY TIME! Our sex life does not lack in any arena! HOT!! Sometimes our plans to NOT… well they don’t matter anymore and we DO what we want:) There is something between us and I strongly believe it is HER. There is just something about her. Something so sweet and loving. It’s not just the way she kisses me (which is amazing), it is the way she looks at me with those sexy ass eyes, the way she touches my skin lightly, her arms arounds me, the way her hair falls around my face when we kiss, the softness in her voice when she says I love you. It is EVERYTHING. When I think I can’t love her more.. I do and in that moment I did. Intimacy with her is beautiful no matter what or where. It is perfect.

So after we lay there catching our breath and talking, we then decide to get up and get ready to go out. We head to the bedroom to get dressed. What to wear? Well, as I have done before I grab a couple different outfits out of my bag and have Chels choose what she would like to see me in. It isn’t like it is a tough choice; Shorts or ripped up jeans? Off the shoulder Tee and either Birks or Sanuks. Pretty simple. NOW.. If we were going somewhere fancy… that would be a whole other fashion show of clothes for her to pick from, but it isn’t so we are keeping it simple!

She decides to wear the Board Shorts, Tee, and Hat that I bought her in Maui (OMG she looks adorable!!!!) So cute! I get dressed in my ripped up jeans, off the shoulder shirt (she likes when my sleeve tattoo shows), and my Sanuks and off we go! (oh did I mention that I LOVE it when she puts my ID and money in her wallet?).. another “little thing” I love.

Minglewood Brewery

We drive to this little place she wants to take me to. She is hoping they will have cider for me and wine for her. It is a brewery, they usually have cider too. Nope. We get in and sit down, she of course wants to sit next to me and not across from me, which I love, plus I was cold so it is nice to have her body heat next to me, we ask about cider and they don’t have any. They do however have a Spiked Seltzer, which I am not a huge fan of, but I ask for a sample of it to try. It is Apricot Almond.. Interesting and he tells me, it is not very carbonated which is why he likes it. Why not! He brings over a sample and I try it, it isn’t very cold but I do like the taste and that it isn’t too carbonated. Chels tries it and says it tastes like beer.. that is a no go for her. She order Moscato Wine and I order the Seltzer. She was so concerned I was upset there was no cider and I wasn’t. I am a go with the flow kind of girl so I would have ordered vodka if nothing else, no big! Suprisingly when the seltzer comes, it is really cold and actually really good (so good I had 2) and even Chels liked it better cold. Her wine came too, I tried it…YUK! Tastes like a pound of sugar and water with some sparkle! No thanks. It is funny, we either have the exact same taste buds or completely opposite. Just depends on what it is.

We decide on Spinach Artichoke appetizer and the Supreme Pizza ~ All to share:) I love this about us. We either share or if it is something where we want something different, she ends up taking my leftovers home, it is really cute and another thing I love about her:) Chels started to get a little “Hangry” or HELLSTAR as I call her because the food was taking so long. I just kept rubbing her back and arm to keep her calm and then it came. We started eating right away and talking about how good it was. It was all so good!!! We left nothing except a piece of pita bread that had teeth marks (an actual bite) in it that NEITHER OF US BIT! ok, weird and we were done! LOL. We still don’t know who took a bite .. oh well guess we will never know.

Independence Place (Gay Bar)

We then leave the brewery and head to the car. We are of to Independence Bar I am excited to meet her friend Sarah!! She has been our biggest supporter and I already like her. We get to the bar and we cannot get out of the car yet, I am practically in her seat kissing her. I can’t ever get enough of her. We kiss for a bit and then decide to head in. We walk in and she immediately tells me the story of when we were FaceTiming one night when she was there and I was at home (she was a little drunk) and she dropped her phone down the elevator shaft (ok, it isn’t an elevator shaft first off, it is like a wood silo of some sort, but if Chels wants to call it an elevator shaft, ok) and I was like well at least you didn’t lose it for good “down the elevator shaft! whispering under my breath and laughing”. We head into the doors and up the stairs to the bar where we get wristbands and head to the bar for a drink. She has some vodka something and I get a Red’s Cider. We then head to the front table to wait for her friends. Fuck I love her. I just can’t take my eyes off her. She is always touching me in some way and I feel more loved each time. Like I am hers and she lets everyone know it. Her friends finally arrive and I stand up to meet and hug Sarah! I instantly like her. Everyone is so damn tall in Missouri like they eat their neighbors or something to grow!! Anyway, we all sit down and wait until the Drag Show starts. Chels is sitting right next to me, her hand on my leg, my hand on her arm. We drink our drinks and then I ask her where the bathroom is? She says, “I will walk you there”. Ok. That’s nice of her. We get to the bathroom, she opens the door for me, I walk in and she walks behind me. The door closes and she pulls me back turns me around and pulls me into her. She grabs my face and starts making out with me, hard, sexy, I can’t catch my breath. She can be a little unpredictable at times and this was definitely one of those times. I am amazed by her daily. Honestly, I believe that is what keeps us alive. We know when to spark it up and keep it always changing. The best part about it is that it is easy!

She leaves the bathroom and goes back to the table. I go pee and head back out to meet her at the table. She goes to the bar to get us another drink this time I go for a Vodka and Orange Juice. I am having a limit of two tonight, nothing worse than a hangover especially when we have fun things planned for tomorrow. However, a little buzz with her drunk eyes is a proven recipe for a great time later so… We sit and talk and then the drag show starts. We watch the show and just hang out. After a couple performers and the break, Chels looks at me and says we need to go. Hmmm OK THEN! So we stand up and say goodbye and head out the door to leave. We get down to the car and get in and it is on again. Kissing hard, hands moving, hair pulling, ear/neck biting and then…. She stops and says let’s go. Breathless, I whisper… “ok”.

Anniversary Evening (Drunk Eyes)

Need I say more? There is something crazy about my girlfriends eyes. Normally, they are sexy as hell with the prettiest blue I have ever seen. However, get a little alcohol in her and those eyes…. well they turn a different shade and they squint a little giving them this look… I can only explain as “Drunk Eyes” and they are irresistible. Like literally, I will give you anything you want, eyes! She know’s it too. So we get back to her apartment and we climb the 3 flights of stairs (of course she is on the top floor) we walk in and set our things on the counter and she starts kissing me. Like REALLY kissing me. She is now kissing me and pushing me backwards while removing articles of my clothing at the same time, I was like, babe…what… umm… ok…. and I start removing what I can of hers while I am being pushed down on my back on the couch. All I can say is… WOW. She is 100% freaking HOT! Still kissing and holding each other, her hair all around my face, I am pushing back and telling her I love her and that I want to go to bed. I get up and go throw on my sexy black lingerie while she grabs us bottles of water and comes to the bedroom. One place we do not lack is our love for each other in the bedroom. We are switch (top and bottom) so there are no complaints from either of us, we make each other happy ~ It’s what we are about. Neither of us is ever left dissatisfied. Ever. Our anniversary was amazing from morning to night. I love her.

The Morning After (Saturday)

How I love waking up to my girlfriend. Her hair all around us, her legs intertwined in mine, and her sweet face sleeping next to me. I seem to always wake first, barely, but enough to lay my head on her chest and look at her sleeping. I trace her face with my fingers and brush her hair away from her face. She loves when I gently touch her skin and run my fingers through her hair. I gently kiss her lips, then her face and back to her lips. She slowly wakes, pulls me close to her, kisses me and buries her head into me. She makes the sweetest morning noises, makes me want to lay there with her for as long as I can. As usual, we nestle in and then, usually me… starts kissing her or grabbing her and pulling her close, but for some reason this morning sex wasn’t something we did. Well, at least I guess we didn’t do. I know that sounds crazy and it did to me too, but like I said this is a joint blog with Chelsey’s recollection of events as well and she swears that sex did not happen Saturday morning.. hmmm. As much as I would like to debate this and be right, I can’t. I honestly thought we did, but now that I really think about it, I concede to Chels on this one. I know neither tried if that is the case because she never rejects me, ever! As with that, I never reject her either. I always want her happy and I always want her satisfied. I do remember this morning being really nice though because it was quiet and loving and just nice to not feel rushed to do anything but be together. We were able to just lay together and talk softly about us and then our plans for the day. Once we felt ready, we decided to get up and start moving… I think it was around 10:45 when we climbed out of bed. We went out to the living room and sat on the couch.

The first thing I remember doing was grabbing my phone to take a picture of the trail of clothes that were splayed all over the floor from our night before encounter after the bar. I laughed as I took the photo then we picked up the clothes to wash them. I remember her grabbing a bowl of fruit and asking me if I wanted any, I said sure. She came over and sat by me on the couch. We ate some fruit and talked, watched a little tv and then apparently started in again. I have a vague recollection of this. I am not sure about the sex part but she said we did. I know we did at some point SaturDAY, so maybe it was then. All I remember is after a while she said, “Where is Petunia?” we both got up and ran to her bedroom where I failed to put up the baby gate and there she was.. looking at us like WE are guilty when SHE was standing amidst a whole bag of twizzlers, the bag ripped open like a crew of gremlins got to it (literal teeth marks in my licorice) that she somehow managed to pull out of my backpack and start eating. We started laughing .. honestly this dog is like a toddler! She is now referred to as the Twizzler Thief and we laugh about that moment alot. We cleaned all that up then I got in the shower to get ready for the day while Chels texted her mom. I came out to the living room and sat on the couch with her to talk while I rubbed her feet. We talked for a bit then finished getting ready and headed into Cape to have Chels try Bubble tea.

Bubble Tea Experience

I love bubble tea! I am however slightly picky. There is a place in Lynnwood, WA that is by far the BEST for bubble tea I get the blended coffee one there with tapioca pearls, coffee jelly, and mini marshmallows, but here in MO I am not sure what to expect. Chelsey has never had it so we are off to this place she has seen to get her a bubble tea. We arrive at the place, Bubble Crush Tea Studio, and go inside and it is quite a bit different than where I am used to but it is a cool place and they have coffee bubble tea so we are off to a great start. We order the coffee mocha bubble tea with coffee jelly and tapioca pearls plus a bubble waffle (if you have never had either of these… try them, so good). Well, let’s just say we could have gotten smaller ones and we literally could have shared. We have a video of us trying it and she likes it:) It is weird at first because you drink it through a big straw and THEN you chew the rest! Good experience and another fun memory for us. We took video and selfies to preserve the memory and did a lot of laughing in the process!

Bistro/Saffron for Sushi and PadThai

Since we didn’t drink too much of our bubble teas (so sweet and too much) and the sugar gave me a headache, we decided to drop them back off at home in the freezer for later (which we never drank), and head to dinner. Not before the rain storm hit though.. I just love these. It is a whole different downpour than in Seattle (and we see a lot of rain in Seattle). We walked out into it and I just let it fall on me. So warm and yet more experiences to recall in MO. I walked to the car not caring if I got wet, and off we go to dinner.

Chelsey picked this place called Bistro/Saffron because she loves their Sushi… I don’t like sushi and yes, I tried it again with her, well I tried to try it.. I just can’t! As soon as I got it close to my lips I could smell the seaweed! NOPE! She ordered California Rolls and some Tiger Roll thing. I ordered Chicken PadThai which I love. Chels had never had PadThai and she loved it too, good thing because as usual I couldn’t eat it all and she ended up having it after I left the next day for her dinner. Dinner was so good though. Just relaxing with her and sharing dumplings and our dinner together was so nice. We laugh so easy and just get each other. It was again another great memory.

Mississippi River

After dinner Chels decides she want to take me to the river so we head down to the massive Mississippi River to sit and talk. It is a damn big river. I wanted to put my feet in it… I love water. Chels said NO! She said it isn’t that type of river, that I will die. Hmm I still wanted to, but I trust her and if she says NO, ok. So we sat up on the seated area and talked about all sorts of things, I like the “What if..?” questions… I always have one or two of those for her. After a while, we got up to go and coming through the entry was a bride and her wedding party and they were coming down to take pictures by the water. It was very sweet and makes you feel all lovey, but then we left. I know not much more to that story! Sorry. lol

We left from there and had to get me my 24-hour kissproof lipstick (because mine was still in my jean pocket, the ones that got left on the floor and then thrown in the wash/dryer… well bye bye lipstick so I needed a new one) and when we pulled into the store parking lot we heard this loud crash… It was a car accident, a good one too… so of course we have to check it out, that was just a little side stop before we headed home. So nosey!! haha It wouldn’t be us if we didn’t stop!

The Night Before Heading Home

This is always the roughest for me. I don’t know why the tears start a day early but they ALWAYS do! We got home and decided to get into our cozies and just curl up on the couch and watch one of the movies we wanted to watch together. We had picked a couple out prior to me coming there and decided to watch one of them. We curled up on the couch together and once again attempted to just lay together on the couch! It worked for about 20 minutes. Once again the kissing starts and then that’s it. We have a tough time keeping our hands off each other. We love each other. I know what you are all probably thinking, “what are we a couple 15 year olds?? Sometimes it feels like that, but we just love each other fiercely and we want to make the most out of the time we have together, when it is once a month, you spend a lot of time being intimate because you just don’t know when the next time is that you will be together. We have talked about what it will be like when we are one day living together, will we still be having sex multiple times in a weekend? Probably not (or maybe, who knows), but if that’s the case it won’t be because we don’t want to but more so because we can whenever we want then so there won’t be that rush of need. We will actually be able to create more memories during the days and nights that there won’t be the need to squeeze everything in in one weekend, we can have it when we want and without the pressures. We will have everyday together then and look forward to those special moments when they do happen.

So there we are on the couch just enjoying spending the last evening together before I fly home and here comes the tears. Now let’s not get dramatic here, I am not sobbing, just tearing up with some rolling down my cheeks. Chels looks at me and says, “No, not yet babe!” Her typical response when I tear up too early. She says there is no reason to be sad yet we still have the night and the next day together before it’s time to get sad. So I agree and we lay there watching the movie. I was getting uncomfortable so I asked if we could finish the movie stretched out in bed? She said sure so we got settled in there. Let’s just say we didn’t finish the movie. Of course we didn’t. We then set an alarm to head out early in the morning so we could stop at Pharoah’s donut place in downtown St. Louis before I caught my plane. The night was amazing and then we fell asleep holding each other.

Heading Home ~ The Drive

Wakey Wake… I am awake. I usually wake before Chels which I love because she is so sweet when she is sleepy. I love to trace her face with my fingers and watch her slowly wake. She always pulls me in close to her:) We wake up and I kiss her lips. We lay there quietly, well until Petunia starts crying, then Chels grabs her and puts her up on the bed with us. I actually love that she doesn’t sleep with us, compared to the last relationship I was in where I had no cuddle space or space at all for that matter because the big dog was in our bed all night, this is a welcomed change!!! We play around a little with Petunia and then I look at Chels and say, “It’s ok that we don’t have sex this morning”. She agrees and we lay there for a bit, well until I start pulling on her out of nowhere! That went out the window real quick, I wanted her…. It wasn’t about me, it was all about her. Making her happy is what I like and especially on the day I am heading home, don’t want her to forget me you know… goal achieved:)

I get my bag packed and get dressed while she is tending to Petunia. When she comes back in I ask for the tee shirt she was going to give me and ask her to spray her scent on it so I can smell her when I get home. She grabs her University Tee and sprays it, I smell it and tuck it away in my backpack. When she leaves the room, I grab my tank top and spray some of my perfume on it, write a note and leave them both on her night stand. We have decided we will probably still have enough time to get a donut but asks if I want to grab real food before my flight? I say sure! We time our trip to St. Louis which is approximately an hour and a half. We will have plenty of time to stop for a donut and brunch. We grab everything but before I zip my carryon she shoves a note in it for me to read when I get home. Yes, she does the same things I do! We are mutually thoughtful that way. We head out the door and get in the car. Time to go.

I love driving with Chels. She always reaches over and puts her hand on my leg. It is so sweet. I either hold her hand or force my arm under hers and hold her leg as well. This time I did both, after all it was a long drive! We talk about our “firsts” and everything else you can think of while driving and there is never a shortage of conversation with us. We can talk about anything. We get into St. Louis and find our donut place and DAMMIT no Strawberry Cheesecake Donuts left! 😦 We opt for Red Velvet and crumble and head out. We look up a place to eat and start following directions to it when we both look to our left and see this place called “Rooster”. It looks so cute and there were a lot of people in there eating so we say, wanna go there? Totally us.. Just wing it. Throw to the wind the original plan for a burger and off we go walking into Rooster for brunch:)


This is the cutest place ever that we just so happened to stumble upon. We walk in and I love that she stands there and holds me, even takes a selfie of us. We grab a menu to look at so we know what to order when we sit down (we are on a slight time crunch with not a lot of time before I need to board my plane) we decide on the same thing. We also found coffee on the menu that also looked good so that would be ordered as well. We had a slight wait, probably too slight for Chels as she was starting to get Hangry, but we waited and then got seated at this cute corner bench table where or course we sit next to each other and wait to get our order taken. We order the BELT sandwich which was bacon, egg, lettuce, and tomato with a side of fried potatoes. Chels picks the tomato off hers and I don’t care for the potatoes (they had a weird seasoning on them) but she liked them so she ate hers mine and the other half of my sandwich too 🙂 I never eat all my food, we know this about me! We take a couple selfies, she pays the bill, and off we go to take me to the airport

Airport (Departure)

We are en-route to the airport to drop me off for my departure back home to Seattle. I am good until I see the departure arrows leading up to the airport. I lose it. I start crying. I can’t stop. I hate this part! Something about this departure is different. Harder. I don’t want to leave her. This trip was amazing. The most comfortable and easy trip with her. Together it all makes sense, apart it doesn’t. We are meant to be together and the fact that we have no choice but to be apart right now sucks.. for both of us.

We pull into a parking spot in front of Alaska Airlines Departures. She keeps the car running and hugs me. She kisses me and tells me not to cry that we will be together again soon. None of that matters, none of it. I don’t care, I don’t want to leave her. I tear up just blogging/podcasting this. She is everything to me now and leaving her hurts. I tell her that, I tell her everything. I look at her and she is crying now too. It is not like her to cry, but like I said, this time was different. She clearly feels it and hurts just as bad as me, which makes me cry harder. She then says, “I am in love with you”. This isn’t. the first time she has said those words to me, this is the second. The first was yesterday and I was speechless. I have waited to hear those words from her and there they are again, the second time I have heard them and of course as I am leaving to go back home. I love her! We sit in the car crying, kissing, hugging, talking… just spending those last few moments together. I look at the time and say, I have to go. It is 2:20, my flight boards in 20 minutes. We get out of the car. She grabs my carryon from behind her seat and walks to the front of the car where I am standing. I can’t seem to stop crying and it sucks! She kisses me one last time and hugs me, we say I love you and I walk away in tears. I can’t look back. I will run back to her, I will miss my flight! I keep walking until I am in the airport and away from her. Still crying as I walk through the airport she is texting me how much she loves me and checking to see if I am ok. I am not. I am sad because I feel like I just left my heart with her and I want them both with me. I head toward TSA Screening and I am asked to pull down my mask, the lady sees me crying and says, “ohhh, leaving someone special behind?” which causes me to tear up more as I quietly say, “Yes”. She motions me and says, “go this way, less people.. have a safe flight”. I head through security and to my gate. Chels and I text the entire time until I call her that I am on the plane and I am getting ready to take off. We tell each other we love each other and will text on the flight and then say goodbye. I am now heading home.

Stay tuned for Chapter 5 in the series, My New Journey ~ To Love. Chapter 5: Chelsey ~ Seattle Bound! Coming the end of August! She is coming to Seattle for the first time ever, in fact she has NEVER been to the West Coast! Exciting times ahead. Get ready for some new adventures in WA State…. as always…

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I am just a woman from WA state that loves nature and loves to talk about things people are struggling talking about. I am a Mental Health Counselor with various degrees and a lot of life experience. I want to help change the world one person at a time by reducing the stigma around mental health by talking about things that are uncomfortable to talk about as well as talk about things that a lot of people think about and wonder if anyone else does too. I am here to say "yes!" and am here to talk about those things:)

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